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06 Feb

Gender bias in ADHD evaluation – Do boys and girls with ADHD look the same in the classroom?

1-minute summary: This is part three of guest author Simon Kitson’s series on identifying and assessing ADHD in children. Part...
18 Oct

Will the Telehealth trend have an impact on ADHD post-pandemic?

For years before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth delivery of medical services struggled to gain widespread adoption, industry support, and...
05 Feb

Maximizing Telehealth — a solution for ADHD care during the pandemic and beyond

Written by Anna Brasile Early into the COVID-19 pandemic there was a “nearly 60% reduction in office visits” for primary...
07 Feb

Surprising advantages of telepsychiatry

According to research, “around one billion people globally have a mental or substance use disorder” [1]. This highlights the pressure...