ADHD tests: In-clinic and remote

We provide clinicians with two market-leading options for standardized, objective ADHD testing. Test in-clinic or remotely with our FDA cleared, CE marked clinical tools that objectively measure the three core symptoms of for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in your patients: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.*

Our computer-based ADHD tests are for patients aged 6-60 and take 15-20-minutes to complete. Data gathered is compared to a normative control group of the same age and sex who don’t have the condition.

*Qbtech products should only be used in line with their intended purpose according to their label, instructions for use and marketing materials as specified by Qbtech. Always read the label and follow the instructions for use. For more information, visit our legal page.

QbTest offers in-clinic ADHD symptom testing

Developed for services who do frequent evaluations to treat and test ADHD. QbTest has been appraised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence published in the MIB318, finding that it saves clinician time and money when used as part of ADHD assessments – with no loss of accuracy.

QbCheck offers flexible ADHD assessment options

Alternatively, we also offer QbCheck which gives you the ability to assess ADHD remotely or in-clinic and pay flexibly per test.

*Your PC or Mac must meet the minimum specification requirements for the ADHD assessment

How we support you when you join Qbtech​


When you use our ADHD tests for adults and children, we’ll help you integrate it into your service with comprehensive onboarding and onsite training.


Our support is available through weekdays. Our clinical advisor team will assist with report interpretation and technical help. We also offer training and support for navigating insurance billing processes in the US.


We want to make sure our tests for ADHD are easy to integrate into your service alongside other measures you’ll be using. We can help you decide on the best place to add it to your ADHD evaluation pathway.

"Integrating QbTest into our ADHD care pathway has been revolutionary. As a clinician, I get invaluable insights that help me make accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. It was simple to introduce into the workflow and has become an indispensable tool to provide the highest quality care for our ADHD patients."

Perry Roy, M.D.
Carolina Attention Specialists

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