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4. After the Test Administration

The objective of this chapter is to learn what needs to be done after a QbTest has been administered, in order to retrieve the report/test results:

  • How to submit the test results for scoring
  • How to access the test reports
  • How to retrieve and submit test results if the Internet did not work during testing

4.1 Retrieve reports after the QbTest


In this chapter you will learn how to retrieve your patients’ QbTest reports.

If logged on to the QbTest software and connected to the internet, the data from a completed test will automatically be encrypted and sent to our server for scoring and comparison to the normative database. You will receive the results back within 60-90 seconds as a report in PDF format in the QAT.

When testing a patient for the first time

A dialogue box will appear with 3 report options available: Standard report, Detailed report, and Patient report.

When retesting a patient

If a patient has undergone more than one QbTest, other reports (in addition to the above) will be available, such as the Retest Report – Clinic, and Retest Report – Patient.

To retrieve the report

To open the desired report on the QbTest computer, click on the corresponding icon and the report will open on the screen in a PDF format. To view the report click ‘Open’. There is no need to use the option ‘Save’ since all reports are securely saved and easily accessed through the QbTest software or the administration tool available at:

Print and check the report

To print the report, click on the printer icon or open the ‘File’ menu and then choose ‘Print’. Using a colour printer ensures optimal readability.

When you have printed the report or retrieved it on the computer screen please have a look in the lower left-hand corner of the report. This to ensure that the QbTest Quality Assurance system has not detected any problems with the camera readings. If the marker has been obscured during testing or there have been any other reflections in the room besides the reflective marker worn by the patient, you will see a warning text explaining this. It is very unusual for this to occur if you have followed the standardized test procedure. Please contact our technical support team for advice if you see this warning.


  • The test ends automatically after 15/20 minutes and once connected to the internet, will be automatically sent to the server to generate the report. A dialogue box will appear displaying available reports as icons.
  • You can preview an example of the report by clicking preview
  • You can open the report of your choice as a PDF by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  • It is also possible to retrieve the reports later through the Administration tab on the QbTest laptop or by accessing the Qbtech Administration Tool (QAT) via the internet on your office/home computer, smartphone, or tablet.

4.2 Submit offline tests


In this chapter it is to learn how to submit a test if you have performed a QbTest offline or if the internet goes down during testing.

  • Qbtech recommends that all QbTests are completed online as this ensures the immediate availability of reports. However, if testing is conducted offline, or if the internet goes down during testing, a copy of the test will be temporarily saved on your computer. You will need to submit these tests manually for processing by opening the ‘Outbox’ tab in the software once you have connected the laptop to the internet.
  • Choose the test you wish to submit for processing by clicking on it once and then click on the ‘Send’ button. Reports are created within 60-90 seconds.
  • You can open the report of your choice as a PDF by clicking on the corresponding icon.
    It is possible to retrieve the reports later too through the Administration tab in the software or by using the Qbtech Administration Tool via the internet.

Please note that you will need your username, full name, email, clinic name and clinic id to submit your quiz answers.