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  • Rethinking ADHD

    Rethinking ADHD

ADHD management needs shaking up

ADHD was first diagnosed in the 1960s.
The process of diagnosing has seen little change since then - many clinicians still rely solely on subjective information...

All that is changing, for good...

We’ve added objective data to accurately measure core ADHD symptoms: inattention, activity levels, and impulsivity and incorporating this data to inform ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Our mission is to give every clinician the tools to see each case more clearly; to have more confidence to rule in or rule out ADHD
ADHD Tests

ADHD Tests

Take a closer look at our award-winning ADHD tests for healthcare professionals



Resources, knowledge, and expert opinion on ADHD treatments, related conditions, and symptom checks

About Qbtech

About Qbtech

Discover our history and why we're passionate about changing the way ADHD is managed



ADHD treatment is always changing. We take a close look to discover what works
Related Conditions

Related Conditions

Explore some commonly associated conditions and their impact on ADHD

Award-winning ADHD Tests

Qbtech gives you, the healthcare professional, objective data to inform your decision about ruling in or ruling out ADHD.
It's time for a closer inspection. Discover these award-winning ADHD tests.


The objective ADHD test, run from your own PC or Mac* 

*Your PC or Mac must meet the minimum specification requirements



Our most advanced ADHD management system


The most up-to-date thinking on ADHD from research, diagnosis to treatment and management

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