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We'll assist your ADHD assessments and follow-ups by providing unbiased data on all three core symptoms.

Average Journey From Concern to Treatment is Long

Typically it takes 4 years from first concern to a diagnosis Ref

QbTest Can Make a Difference When Diagnosing and Monitoring ADHD

How QbTest Can Make a Difference

Diagnostic Accuracy

Identify, rule out and monitor ADHD with high reliability through QbTest’s unbiased data for all three core symptoms.


Clinical Efficiency

Reduce number of visits and time to correct diagnosis by visualizing and streamlining your clinical pathway with QbTest.


Quality Assurance

Access to QbTest's leading quality assurance program supports you and your patients to make well-informed decisions.

See the struggles and progress of your patients

The ADHD test results of each patient are immediately analyzed, compared to an age and gender matched norm group and presented in easy-to-read reports. The unbiased results allow you to diagnose, rule out and monitor ADHD more objectively.

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To experience the full value of QbTest, we always include:

Committed Support

Our committed support teams support you with everything from installation of QbTest to interpretation of test reports.

Regular Updates

To benefit from our continuous research and development, you are always upgraded to the latest QbTest version.

Professional Training

Our onsite and online training & certification program gives you the skills to administer and interpret a QbTest successfully.

Extensive Clinical Documentation

Our extensive research and strong collaboration networks have led to QbTest having a broad documentation. Take a closer look at our publications and case studies demonstrating QbTest's usability and clinical accuracy.

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Two Things to Know About ADHD Testing, Assessment and Diagnosis

  1. Hyperactivity Symptoms Still Exist in Adulthood

    A 2010 study led by Stefanie Lis, PhD of the Centre for Psychiatry at Justus Liebig University Giessen in Giessen, Germany, showed hyperactivity among adults with ADHD was 3.5 times higher than those without it (Lis, et al.). This number is the same among children with ADHD compared to unaffected children.

    However, though both adults and children with ADHD are found to have higher hyperactivity levels than their unaffected counterparts, the severity of that hyperactivity differs significantly from childhood to adulthood. QbTest analysis of hyperactivity, through a motion tracking camera provides both a visual picture and quantitative data on the presence of hyperactivity and the severity compared to age and gender matched peers.

  2. ADHD Symptoms Can Now Be Monitored Over Time

    Once ADHD testing and assessments are completed, and a diagnosis has been established, ADHD is commonly managed with a variety of treatments. This can include medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy and neurofeedback.

    Combined with QbTest, physicians can easily and more effectively monitor and assess the effect of those treatments on patients' ADHD symptoms.