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06 Feb

Gender bias in ADHD evaluation – Do boys and girls with ADHD look the same in the classroom?

1-minute summary: This is part three of guest author Simon Kitson’s series on identifying and assessing ADHD in children. Part...
27 Jan

The association between ADHD and obesity: an intriguing puzzle

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often conjures up images of people who can’t sit still. Unsurprisingly, clinicians have argued that...
15 Oct

Common ADHD myths

As part of ADHD Awareness Month, established ADHD researcher and author Dr. Joel Nigg is picking apart some common myths...
21 Sep

Follow up care in the United States

ADHD is one of the most common and impairing psychiatric disorders affecting children, with an estimated 13% of children enrolled...
04 Mar

Risking over diagnosis

Pediatricians see a significantly higher percentage of referrals involving the youngest children in a school year for ADHD diagnoses and...
28 Nov

Mindfulness and virtual reality

The ADHD Foundation hosted their 6th National ADHD Conference on ‘ADHD, Neurodiversity, and Mental Health’ in Liverpool, UK on November...
15 Oct

Adolescents outgrowing ADHD criteria

The Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics (SDBP) hosted their 2018 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California on September 14th –...
10 May

Breakthrough Study

1-minute summary: A new study has been published into the impact of QbTest on diagnostic decision making in ADHD. The...
24 Apr

Identification of ADHD

1-minute summary: ADHD identification in schools often quickly identifies pupils who present disruptive and hyperactive, however, pupils who are easily...