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06 Feb

Gender bias in ADHD evaluation – Do boys and girls with ADHD look the same in the classroom?

1-minute summary: This is part three of guest author Simon Kitson’s series on identifying and assessing ADHD in children. Part...
28 Jun

Cannabinoids and ADHD

1-minute summary: A new study examines the potential benefits of a cannabinoid medication on ADHD. QbTest was used in the...
15 Feb

Interventions for ADHD

1-minute summary: Discover alternative types of ADHD interventions and their effectiveness. Combination approach (medical and behavioural treatment), alternative interventions (behavioural,...
07 May

FDA clearance

1-minute summary: Last month, a mother came into the Focus-MD clinic in Mobile, Alabama, with a concern about her eight-year-old...
07 Jun

Computer-based ADHD assessment

1- minute summary: A new ADHD tool is being investigated in the UK prison population for the first time. Researchers...