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09 Apr

Adult ADHD – limitations and opportunities

1-minute summary: Although progress has been made, many incidences of adult ADHD go undiagnosed and only a small number of...
25 Jan

The importance of early intervention in ADHD

1-minute summary: At the recent meeting of The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) there was widespread...
25 Jan

When parent and teacher reports disagree on ADHD

1-minute summary: Differences in reporting between parents and teachers on ADHD can present a challenge for diagnoses. This is particularly...
14 Aug

Objective data

1-minute summary: An NHS funded research report carried out with the cooperation of the University of Nottingham has been published...
28 Jun

Cannabinoids and ADHD

1-minute summary: A new study examines the potential benefits of a cannabinoid medication on ADHD. QbTest was used in the...
15 Feb

Alternative types of ADHD interventions

1-minute summary: Discover alternative types of ADHD interventions and their effectiveness. Combination approach (medical and behavioural treatment), alternative interventions (behavioural,...
14 Dec

ADHD – it’s different for girls

1-minute summary: Historically, ADHD has often been thought of as a condition that only affects boys. However, ADHD affects girls...
16 Nov

Early diagnosis of ADHD means the right support & treatment

1-minute summary: Early identification of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) means that the right support and treatment can be provided...