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Rebecca Croezen

Rebecca is a clinical advisor based in The Netherlands and holds a double master’s degree in clinical neuropsychology and work and organizational psychology. Her career started in elderly mental healthcare, working as a psychologist guiding teams in behavioral problems related to dementia and conducting neuropsychological assessments for stroke patients. Transitioning to specialized ADHD healthcare, she worked as a psychologist focusing on diagnostics and treatment of ADHD in adults, where she gained insight into the impact of using QbTest during the diagnostic process.
Based on her extensive experience in providing treatment to patients with ADHD, Rebecca knows the importance of an accurate ADHD diagnosis and how it can greatly improve quality of life with the right support. Rebecca is therefore committed to making the ADHD diagnostic process as effective as possible to improve the lives of adults with ADHD.
In her free time, Rebecca visits nature areas by bike, inline skates, or horse, and she likes singing and dancing.

Rebecca Croezen

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