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Anna Brasile

Anna is a business development manager based in Georgia. Having worked in a clinical practice for over six years, Anna has administered psychological assessments with underserved populations, including ADHD assessments. Anna has both a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has long been an advocate for better standardization in evaluations and management of the condition after seeing family members receive very different care experience.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys listening to podcasts, creating new food and drink recipes, and spending time with family and friends.

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Anna Brasile

Blogs written by: Anna Brasile

19 Feb

Watch: What happens if we do nothing about ADHD?

1-minute summary: There can be serious socio-economic impacts if ADHD goes untreated or undiagnosed. Children and adults with ADHD can...
14 Feb

Five benefits of dating someone with ADHD

1-minute summary: All relationships come with their challenges, but the idea that dating someone with ADHD is necessarily more difficult...
16 Nov

Implementing QbTest into a rural pediatric practice

1-minute summary: There can be additional challenges in evaluating ADHD in small, rural communities. Teachers may be reluctant to suggest...
04 Jul

More talk must equal more action: ADHD, stigma & medication

The mental health awareness movement is making an impact online – ADHD is no exception. Many of you reading this...
08 Jun

New study finds ADHD test serves as a better indicator of medication effects

In a study of 77 adult patients, clinical interviews, self-rating scales, and QbTest were used at baseline and at two...
05 Feb

Maximizing Telehealth – a solution for ADHD care during the pandemic and beyond

Early into the COVID-19 pandemic there was a “nearly 60% reduction in office visits” for primary care providers in the...
27 Jan

The association between ADHD and obesity: an intriguing puzzle

ADHD often conjures up images of people who can’t sit still. Unsurprisingly, clinicians have argued that the association between ADHD...