Welcome to the future of ADHD care: QbTest Telehealth

Testing remotely – how it works…

Clinicians can issue online voucher codes to patients to perform a 15-20 minute task on their own compatible device. This task collects quantitative data on their attention and impulsivity while tracking their physical activity using facial recognition technology.

Welcome to the future of ADHD care: QbTest Telehealth

The results of the test are then compared to an age and gender matched norm group. Each test generates a report made available securely in the clinician’s online account. Telehealth reports also include an online rating scale that is collated with the report.

Detailed reports

Each completed QbCheck produces a report, available securely in your own account, combined with a completed rating scale.

Welcome to the future of ADHD care: QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck

Each report has a breakdown of core ADHD symptoms and a Total Symptom Score assessing the likelihood of ADHD based on a comparison against a normative group of the same age and gender.

Find out how it can work for your practice

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