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Telehealth for ADHD - How to Serve More Patients


Open your clinical expertise state-wide and remove barriers for patients. Discover the opportunity that Telehealth for ADHD can provide:

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QbCheck-facial-recognition-imageCan I provide the same standard of care via Telehealth?


With QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck, you have the comfort of knowing an FDA-cleared medical device can measure your patient’s core ADHD symptoms; allowing you to focus on your clinical interview. By capturing objective data on core ADHD symptoms, clinicians feel more confident in their diagnostic decision-making. 



Telehealth is not just for the tech-savvy


QbTest in use

Not all clinicians adopting Telehealth for their ADHD services are technology experts, but those who have used QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck have discovered that technology is helping them do what no human can doaccurately quantify core ADHD symptoms and compare that with an age and gender-matched normative group.

With QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck, clinicians collect objective data on patients’ core ADHD symptoms from their own homes, at a time that suits them.

This gives you, the clinician:

  • Objective data on core ADHD symptoms; inattention, activity, and impulsivity
  • Comparison against age and gender-matched control group
  • Detailed reporting on each symptom as well as a Total Symptom Score, assessing the likelihood of that patient having ADHD based on a comparison with the norm group
  • A rating scale that comes with the report
  • FDA cleared, K143468, K133382, K122149


Discover how it works


Meet your Clinical Advisor


As a QbTest Telehealth customer you have your own dedicated Clinical Advisor, on hand to support you at each step:

  • Installation training - get up to speed with the best-practice operation of QbTest and QbCheck
  • Ongoing clinical support -  dedicated support and supervision for QbTest and QbCheck report interpretation



Meet Sarah, one of our most experienced Clinical Advisors, who has been supporting clinicians like you incorporate objective data into the heart of their assessment and treatment of ADHD.

"What I love most about my job is helping clinicians realize the value of objective data for their patients - and grow in confidence as they use QbTest Telehealth to reach more individuals affected by ADHD".



What do patients think?


Greenville-ADHD-SpecialistsGreenville ADHD Specialists have been leading the way in ADHD care in South Carolina. As one of the first to adopt our telehealth solution, enabling them to collect data on their patients' core ADHD symptoms, they have gone from strength to strength; becoming more available to their existing patient base, whilst opening doors to new patients across the state, who they most likely would not have reached if it had not been for telehealth:






Burning questions?


Book a call with one of our team of experts who can guide you through both clinical and practical questions. Book a call to discuss:

  • Pricing tailored for the needs of your practice
  • How you can use this technology for your assessment and treatment of ADHD
  • Go through sample test reports
  • Reimbursement



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Detailed Telehealth Reports, Powered by QbCheck



Each completed QbCheck produces a report, available securely in your own account, combined with a completed rating scale. Each report has a breakdown of core ADHD symptoms and a Total Symptom Score assessing the likelihood of ADHD based on a comparison against a normative group of the same age and gender. 

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