Working in ADHD care – Penny Lazell

October 5, 2021 | ADHD Insights | ADHD, Insights

As part of #ADHDAwarenessMonth, we’re asking our team to share their connection with the disorder and why they work within ADHD Care. Today, Penny Lazell, UK Clinical Advisor, discusses her background in ADHD and why she decided to work for Qbtech.

How did you hear about Qbtech?

Prior to joining Qbtech I had been working in a nurse-led ADHD Team using QbTest. I could see how it fitted into the assessment pathway so well and added enormous value to the assessment process for both clinicians and the patient, helping with the understanding of ADHD symptoms and making more accurate and timely diagnoses. So when the opportunity came to work with Qbtech and train more services to use QbTest I Jumped at the chance to be able to share my enthusiasm.

What motivates you?

For many years I have been interested in ADHD and how common it is in the general population and how often it is not diagnosed leading to lifelong issues for many people. Every day I learn something new either from other colleagues, customers, or reading about new research. Every day is so different.

I love the fact that we take our research and learning very seriously and it’s great getting updates on how things are changing so rapidly in the world of ADHD with recognition and treatment options.

What have you learned about ADHD since working for Qbtech?

I learn new information every day. One of the most interesting things is learning from colleagues in other countries especially the US where the approach to ADHD appears to be very different from that in the UK.

I also find reading the up-to-date research around ADHD is very interesting and enhances my practice as a Clinical Advisor.

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