Announcing QbChampions in the UK & Ireland

March 20, 2024 | Penny Lazell | ADHD News

What is a QbChampion?

The QbChampion is an important role. We ask services around the UK and Ireland to nominate someone who is at the forefront of all things QbTest in their organization to act as a QbChampion. They don’t have to be a registered healthcare professional but could be a key team member who will be administering QbTests or someone who has oversight over the pathway.

We hope that as these roles develop, QbChampions will share ideas, concepts, and best practices with other QbChampions and services.

The QbChampion is creative, innovative, and forward-thinking. It is a role best suited to those interested in the effective use of objective measures within the ADHD assessment pathway. They should have great communication skills and be happy to liaise with our clinical advisors for day-to-day testing questions, predominantly via email or Microsoft Teams discussions.

They may wish to lead on audits or case studies to measure effectiveness, advise their service on ways where QbTest could be utilized more effectively within their pathway, and have the ability to think critically.

The QbChampion would have oversight of the equipment and be the point of contact with Qbtech’s tech support team or clinical advisors, should anything require replacement.

Finally, the QbChampion may wish to take a personalized approach to using QbTest within their service. This could include ensuring leaflets and appointment letters are clear and easy to use, ensuring colleagues have a central point for QbTest instructions and being the internal point of contact for questions.

How to get started

To get started, reach out to your clinical advisor via email. Or, alternatively, email

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