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Jess Brunet

Jess is a clinical team manager based in Norwich, joining Qbtech after 18 years working in the NHS, with 11 years focused on mental health nursing. Jess holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with neuropsychology, a post graduate diploma in mental health nursing, a master’s degree in neuroscience, and is a non-medical prescriber.

Jess was previously clinical lead and advanced nurse practitioner for NHS ADHD services and brings experience in clinical pathway design and complex assessment and management. Jess has a specialist interest in girls and women presenting with ADHD and has published work within this field. Her focus is on advocating for the voice of the patient, equitable access to healthcare, and the use of reasonable adjustments and accessible information to ensure everyone utilizing ADHD services has a say in their own health and well-being.

In her free time, Jess enjoys nature reserves, ice skating and spending time with friends and family.

A proud moment in Jess’ career is when a clinician contacted Qbtech for clinical support when using QbTest to titrate different medication doses on a patient. The follow up tests had been completed but there were anomalies in the data. Using her prescribing knowledge, Jess was able to identify that the different times the QbTest had been administered mapped onto different points of plasma concentration linked to the medication release profile. She was able to advise a more consistent time of day to test based on the medication release profile to get optimal results when using QbTest for dose titration comparison.

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Jess Brunet

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