ADHD Providers in the US

If you have concerns about suspected ADHD, either for yourself, your child, or someone you care about, you will be comforted to know that in many states, healthcare providers can offer assessment services via telehealth. This allows and the flexibility to be assessed for ADHD from the comfort of your home.

Benefits include:

  • No need to visit a clinic
  • Privacy
  • Access to clinicians using FDA cleared, evidence-based technology for assessment and treatment
  • Access to flexible objective testing for ADHD at a time that suits you

*Some clinicians, in some cases, may require patients to attend an appointment or appointments in the clinic

Simply complete the form below and we’ll connect you with licensed clinicians in your state offering ADHD evaluations via telehealth. Some states have limited or no availability of telehealth services utilizing our technology. Qbtech offers no guarantee of being able to connect you with a clinician utilizing our technology.