Better detection of response with objective data

Get objective data on the core symptoms of ADHD for better treatment monitoring. QbTest adds unbiased context to assessment results when used alongside rating scales and clinical interviews.

Real data, real results

A recent study shows QbTest is significantly more sensitive to medication effects than patient self-rating, in both one-month and six-month follow-up visits. By adding objective data, clinicians can now verify the effects of treatment and improve patient understanding on their ADHD journey.

Treatment Monitoring

QbTest is FDA-cleared for use in the treatment and monitoring of ADHD for ages 6-60.

The associations between the QbTest and subjective measures increased over time,  and  importantly, improvements on both measures correlated with improvement in quality-of-life scores.

Hear from Dr. Heather Brannon talk about her experience of adding objective data (QbTest) to her ADHD evaluation: