In-clinic & telehealth ADHD test for large healthcare organizations

As a large healthcare group, you understand the challenges that come with ensuring standardization across the ADHD evaluation and treatment process across your clinics.

Whether you’re offering in-clinic appointments, telehealth, or both, our FDA-cleared tools QbTest and QbTest Telehealth can be integrated into your service and provide numerous advantages to how your network operates and the experience of your patients.

Why add objective ADHD testing technology?

When you integrate our objective ADHD tests into your service, you receive:

  • Efficiency across sites
    Our tests provide standardized and data-led reports which can be used across sites and departments to reduce disruption, variability in evaluations, and improve continuity of care. You can decrease referral and wait times with better understanding of symptom severity.

    Plus, patients can test securely from home with a compatible PC or Mac.

  • Increased provider and patient confidence
    Adding our FDA-cleared technology improves the patient experience, ensuring a smoother evaluation. The AQUA study found that QbTest reduced the time to diagnostic decision by 44% and clinicians were 77% more likely to be confident in diagnosis. The length of appointments was reduced by 15% and were 14 times more likely to rule out ADHD.

  • Monitor ADHD treatment effects
    You can make informed, confident diagnostic decisions with data to support your decisions and closely monitor treatment. Objective data is more accurate at identifying treatment response than rating scales alone.

    According to research, QbTest captures 86% of patient’s treatment effects compared with only 37% of patient’s improvement captured by the ASRS rating scale. 

    QbTest can distinguish pharmacological treatment effects within hours of pharmacological titration and can be used for monitoring of long-term treatment of ADHD.

  • Visual reports
    Highly visual reports work as an anchor point across departments. The data in the reports provide an opportunity for primary care and behavioral health to work together to coordinate care and deliver quality-based outcomes.

Using objective testing for ADHD treatment management

Improved referral process and coordinated care

Patients want individualized care that meets their needs. Our visual reports improve psychoeducation between patients and clinicians. This is particularly important for a condition that affects levels of attention – help keep your patients engaged with a visual report of their ADHD related symptoms that is easy to explain and understand.

According to the AQUA study:

  • 94% of clinicians reported a greater understanding of patients’ symptoms
  • 85% of families said the test is really helpful

If you need to coordinate continued support and treatment across providers, then objective data can help other clinicians to understand your patient’s needs.

A reliable measure over time

With our FDA clearance covering ages 6-60, our technology serves as a consistent measure over time for ADHD patients under your care. In key life transitions from childhood to adolescence, our reports offer insight into ADHD symptoms and help you to track any changes in symptoms.

Most diagnostic tools fail to capture the challenges of this shift, meaning clinicians have limited information and patients can be left in overwhelming experiences.

Helping you to standardize healthcare across multiple locations

Standardizing your ADHD evaluation process and introducing objective measures alongside subjective methods helps you establish a consistent service. Not only does this ensure uniformity across your network, but it allows you to measure ADHD related symptoms at scale.

Customer support at scale

Your clinical team needs vary on their experience, knowledge, and training. We give comprehensive training and clinical support from the outset so that you can add our technology with minimal burden to your clinical leadership.

We help you to optimize clinical flow for efficient ADHD patient care

Our experts know there is no “one size fits all” solution. We work with your clinical, operations, billing, and workflow teams to design a program to fit your needs now and plan for the future.

Expand patient access

With in-clinic and telehealth offerings, clinics who successfully integrate our ADHD tests provide comprehensive testing in multiple care settings. This allows clinics to expand their reach, while maintaining quality of care.

Book a free consultation to improve ADHD patient care in your network

Speak to our expert team to learn about how our in-clinic and Telehealth ADHD tests can assist large healthcare organizations streamline their ADHD pathway. QbTest and QbCheck add valuable objective data to enhance clinical evaluations and treatment monitoring for ADHD.