Simon Mundie: New ADHD podcast series

August 7, 2023 | ADHD News

Qbtech is a provider of market-leading objective ADHD tests, QbTest and QbCheck. Our company was born from a personal experience of ADHD – the founders experienced the complex and time-consuming ADHD diagnostic process first hand, which was based solely on subjective data such as interviews with parents, patients, and teachers.

Determined to change the process, Qbtech has been focused on a technology-first approach to ADHD assessments, combining both subjective and objective data for a well-rounded and in-depth evaluation of patients’ symptoms.

Qbtech is working with BBC journalist Simon Mundie, host of the critically acclaimed Life Lessons podcast, with a five-part podcast series called Rethinking ADHD, aimed to educate the public on ADHD with expert commentary and real-life experiences. The series will address the current state of ADHD, tackle contemporary myths around the condition, as well as focusing on different symptoms and how people can be affected.

Simon Mundie’s Life Lessons podcast has featured guests such as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world Michael Pollan, Olympic gold medal winners Dame Kelly Holmes and Dame Katherine Grainger, world Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson, New York Times Best Seller Cal Newport, and Head Space founder Andy Puddicombe, addressing a range of issues, including mental health.

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast and help more people have a better understanding of ADHD from your owned lived experience, contact:

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