Meet Qbtech Clinical Advisor: Penny Lazell

June 8, 2023 | ADHD News

This was my reason for being

Penny started her health career as a Nurse, specialising in midwifery and neonatal intensive care, where her passion for child behaviour and sleep developed. She then began her own business as a Private Health Visitor specialising in child behaviour which led her into the realm of ADHD.

“Clinics using QbTest see such good results, they’ve actually managed to tick all the boxes: reduced time to diagnosis, reduced number of appointments, helping them to save money.”

As Penny developed her expertise in ADHD, she returned to the NHS working in an ADHD specialist clinic that was already using QbTest

After learning the ins and outs of using QbTest, Penny soon starting questioning how ADHD assessments could be done without it. 

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