Qbtech and The AHSN Network win HSJ Partnership Award

March 30, 2022 | Video | ADHD News, NHS

Qbtech and The AHSN Network won ‘Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS’ last week at the Health Service Journal Partnership Awards in Westminster, London.

This followed a rigorous judging process, involving a wide panel of judges from across the healthcare sector in recognition of their work together over the past 12 months.

The award comes after The AHSN Network’s ongoing support of QbTest which has enabled nearly 57,000 people between the ages of 6 and 18 to receive objective ADHD testing from the National Health Service in England. [1]

QbTest, which speeds up the time to diagnosis, has improved patient experience and saved the NHS an estimated £19.5m ($25 million USD*) since 2017. It is currently being used in 59 trusts across 113 sites, more than half of the NHS providers of ADHD assessments for this age group in England. Championed in the East Midlands, QbTest is an FDA-cleared, computer-supported, objective test that measures attention, motor activity and impulsivity – the core symptoms of ADHD. The results are instantly analyzed and presented in a report comparing a patients’ results against a normative data set based on age and gender.


ADHD practitioners then use the QbTest report and their clinical assessment information to inform their final diagnosis. Several studies demonstrate the benefits of QbTest in aiding diagnosis, including an evaluation led by the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network, which found the time to a diagnostic decision was reduced by five months [2]. As part of the Focus ADHD National Programme, the 15 Academic Health Science Networks across England are supporting clinical services to improve their ADHD assessment pathway with the implementation of QbTest.

“I am delighted The AHSN Network, along with Qbtech, received the Health Service Journal award for the best mental health partnership with the NHS. The Focus ADHD National Programme is a brilliant example of what can be achieved through dedicated, multi-sector, collaborative leadership,” said Dara Coppel, Head of Innovation Programme Delivery, East Midlands AHSN. “We have been successful in implementing this evidence-based intervention across 59 trusts so far, to improve timely access to assessment and diagnosis for children and families. Our aim is for every child clinic in England to implement this innovation.”

The Focus ADHD National Programme positively impacts young people and families by reducing the number of appointments needed for clinical diagnosis, meaning that clinicians can see more patients. The new pathway also generates increased clinical confidence and understanding while increasing efficiencies for the service. Watch the video to see how it has impacted one family’s life.

“Working on Focus ADHD has been an absolute pleasure, and I would like to thank all colleagues working on the programme from The AHSN Network and Qbtech,” shared Tony Doyle, Managing Director at Qbtech Ltd. “Together, we have made a real difference and continue to improve the lives of those living with ADHD.”

The award ceremony, held on March 24 at Park Plaza, Westminster in Central London, was attended by leaders and professionals from both the NHS and private sector, and figures from non-clinical backgrounds. The ceremony was hosted by actor/comedian/writer Tom Allen, and the evening was a celebration of the collaboration and innovation of private organizations and charities with the NHS.

The award judges commented on the programme, “This is a ground-breaking project which showcased a great partnership. It is a national game-changer for this group of individuals, and the difference this service makes is enormous for them and their families.”

*Based on a saving of £343 per patient which was identified by findings from the East Midlands Real World Demonstrator between January and December 2017.



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[2] AHSN Network. (2021). Transforming ADHD Care in the East Midlands – QbTest. www.ahsnnetwork.com/casestudy/transforming-adhd-care-in-the-east-midlands-qbtest

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