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About Us

Qbtech was born from a personal experience of ADHD. Having gone through the diagnostic process themselves, the founders knew that seeking a diagnosis was complex and time consuming.

Moreover, the diagnosis they received was based solely on subjective data such as interviews with parents, patients and teachers. It was at this point they were determined that the process had to change.

Since 2000, Qbtech has been focused on a technology-first approach to ADHD assessment; combining both subjective and objective data.

What do you think about ADHD?

For too long there have been misconceptions about the condition; what it is, how it affects people and how it should be treated.

We are setting the record straight. Firstly, by giving healthcare professionals the numerical data to rule in or rule out ADHD. And secondly, by challenging those misconceptions and giving a balanced perspective on leading science and general understanding of the condition.

To the future...

"We simply cannot sit still for a minute. Too many clinicians lack confidence in their diagnostic decision and too many people are still seeking answers to their symptoms - whether they have ADHD or not. We have the technology and we are on an endless quest to evolve, to make our technology available to all."

Carl Reuterskiöld, Qbtech CEO

Improve Quality

Using the best technology to give clinicians the power to clearly interpret symptoms

Aid Diagnosis

Giving clinicians the tools and training to make more confident diagnostic decisions

Treatment Optimization

Working with clinicians to monitor and enhance treatment for ADHD 

Meet Us

Our Qbtech team is a balance of medical and technical expertise, consisting of individuals who are relentless in their quest to provide products and services that go above and beyond in both quality and support.

Our Management Team

Carl Reuterskiöld


Location: Stockholm

Tony Doyle

Commercial Director

Location: London

Mikkel Hansen

Medical Director

Location: Stockholm

Akashdeep Chouhan

Chief Product Officer

Location: Stockholm

Fredrik Palmcrantz

Chief Technology Officer

Location: Stockholm


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