Previously used the Quotient ADHD Testing System?

It’s time to get back to objective ADHD testing, with an upgrade. Discover our FDA-cleared ADHD tests, QbTest and QbCheck, available for use with both children and adults.

Backed by over 35 independent research studies, our tests give clinicians the confidence to rule in or rule out ADHD.

What you can expect from QbTest

  • Flexible in-office and telehealth testing*
  • Unrivaled clinical support for interpretation with dedicated phone support
  • FDA-clearance for assessment and measuring treatment response for ages 6-60.
  • Age-adjusted tasks

* Telehealth testing is available with QbTest Telehealth, powered by QbCheck.

Making the switch – a clinician’s perspective

Dr. Sheila Woods, a physician, and former Quotient user. Here’s what she had to say about her transition to QbTest:

Overall, I find that QbTest adds more value to my practice than the use of Quotient test.  
I am able to determine the patient’s performance throughout the QbTest where factors such as anxiety or sleepiness may play a role.  

Since Quotient uses a proprietary software program to interpret the test, the clinician is unable to see the more specific findings that add to the diagnosis and management of patients particularly those patients with co-morbid diagnoses.  

QbTest is also extremely valuable in dosage optimization of medication as well as monitoring improvements in symptomatology of ADHD.  Quotient does not allow specific analysis of the changes in performance on the continuous performance test due to medication or other treatment alternatives.
Sheila Woods, MD

Meet the team who makes it possible

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