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QbTest is a FDA cleared and widely used objective test that measures your activity, attention and impulsivity. It is a computer-based test that combines attention measurements with an activity analysis based on a motion tracking system. The test results are instantly analyzed and presented in a report that compares your results with a group of people of the same age and gender who do not have ADHD.

Assessing ADHD may be complicated and there is no single clinical tool that is able to give you all the answers. The QbTest provides objective data that together with other information will help your clinician assess you for ADHD. QbTest can also be used for treatment follow-up and adjusting your medication.

The test is performed in front of a computer screen. The test equipment consists of an infrared camera, a head-band with a reflective marker attached to it and a response button. During the test a number of symbols are shown on the computer screen. The task is to push the responder button when a certain symbol appears on the screen.

The test takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on your age.

The test results are displayed in a one page report and should be interpreted by a qualified clinician. Below you can view two example reports.

7 year old boy without ADHD
7 year old boy with ADHD